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You like it, you really like it!

As you may have noticed on the Index page, this tutorial has had, to date, over 250,000 visitors! Dozens of you have taken the time and effort to let me know what you thought of it, and practically all of it has been praise (I suppose if you didn't like it, you just didn't bother telling me). Here's a sampling:

- "This is a great ISDN tutorial. Thank you for explaining exactly what ISDN is. It looks like a soon emerging technology and I hope it becomes affordable for everyone."
- "Thank you so much. Your site is very helpful."
- "Thanks- now I vaguely understand ISDN. Yours is by far the best explanation I've seen. Maintain this guy."
- "My congratulations. Your ISDN Tutorial was very useful for me."
- "Great job on this information! The ISDN Tutorial was well organized, well written, and easy to follow for someone not technical."
- "Thanks for the excellent tutorial, without such a clear and simple overview I would be totally lost."
- "I just finished reading Ralph's ISDN tutorial and found it to be extremely informative. I'm relatively new to ISDN, and this tutorial was exactly what I needed. It provided the key details about ISDN and provided just the right depth of both technical and historical information. I also found the style of writing very "readable". Good job!!"
- "I just read throught your isdn tutorial and really liked what I saw! I was especially interested in the pages on Layer 1-3. I've not seen the various message broken apart before like you did here; that was good. Thanks for the good job!"
- "Excellent! Format is clear and concise! thanks for provide this service to the net community."
- "Just to say the tutorial is very informative and thanks for putting it up there."
- "I would just like to thank you for the information you have provided on ISDN, I am currently doing a project on isdn, and your document has helped me greatly the links to other resources have also been very useful."
- "Many thanks for the ISDN tutorial. I'm trying to review for possible questions on a promotion interview and it helped a lot."
- "Just wanted to say thanks for the effort you put into this site."
- "I would like to say that your site helped me big time. I have an interview for a job working with ISDN PRI and BRI. Your site saved my *ss."
- "Outstanding tutorial."
- "Great job putting this info available. It is more stuff like this that we need in the web. You have really been helpful in helpfing me with my ISDN knowledge. I work in the technology dept and reading about ISDN in you page will make the decision on our communications much more understandable. Keep up the good work."
- "I accessed your page while preparing a paper on ISDN for a class. Lots of useful information. Thanks!"
- "Nice to see some CLEAR info on ISDN!!! Helps me a lot for my job."
- "I just wanted to say "Thanks" for providing all of out in here in CyberSpace information regarding ISDN.
It is people like yourself taking the time to compile valuable information on important topics and making it available to the world that make the internet worth having."

- "Great job!!!!!"

Even more impressive to me, this tutorial has been referenced and linked to on many Web pages. Through the magic of search engines, I now present a list of all the references I could find. If you have, make, or know of another, please let me know and I'll be happy to add it.

First, some famous sites:

Boardwatch Magazine, April 1997
Dan Kegel's ISDN Page
PC Magazine's InternetUser - Internet Toolkit (ISDN Information)
Telecomm Digest and Archives
Yahoo!, Yahoo! Canada, and Yahoo! UK & Ireland

Education Recommendations:

DePaul University - CS 361:Basic Telecommunications, LoriLee M. Sadler, Instructor
DeVry Institute - Marion Cole, Associate Professor
The Education Station - Online Courses
Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University - On Line Tutorials
Santa Barbara City College - Internet Training Appendix
School of Engineering, HKr - Zhi Chen's Data Communications Links
Stanford University, Department of Computer Science - Madanlal S Musuvathi's Networks Links
Tallinn Technical University - Kalle Tammemäe's Selected Bookmarks
University of California, Berkeley - CS150 Visual Phone
University of Connecticut - Xiang Ni's CSE245 ISDN and related technologies links
University of Haifa, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science - Documentation
University of Lethbridge - Mark Thompson, Management 4862 - Day 11 Routers and Routing
University of Technology Hamburg-Harburg Germany - Peter Baasch's Bookmarks
University of Wisconsin-Stout - Technology Resources

International References:

Here is an approved translation of my tutorial into Chinese! [new]
AFUU : Actualites recentes du monde des systemes ouverts - "Tutoriel sur ISDN"
Asia Online - ISDN in Taiwan
AWAP Benelux - technology
Wolfgang Beyer - ISDN am LRZ
INTERNET: Activities, Tre
ISDN information
ISDN bij InterNLnet - "Een engelstalige ISDN Tutorial net informatie over protcollen, voordelen van ISDN en wat technische informatie. Sommige informatie van deze site is enkel van belang voor het telefoonnet in de US."
Inhit - Länkar
Chen Ling-Jyh's Bookmarks
Hans Mühlen - ISDN (Fysikum, SU) - "av Ralph Becker. En grundlig teknisk genomgång."
NVG - Hardware links
Holger Sickenberg's Bookmarks
Leonid Voldman's Bookmarks
Simon Zlachevsky - ISDN Links and more

Everyone Else:

ABCentral Education Links - Level 2
Luis Aguirre-Torres' Home Page
Nguyen Dao's ICS451 Page
Bob Drudge - My Virtual Reference Desk
Dunham Software International - Database Software Sites
Fermilab Library Reference Desk (Sci/Tech)
David Friede's Links
Matthew J. Ho's Bookmarks
Imperium Internet - ISDN Support
Internet Digest: 09-Sep-96 - One of their "Best Sites of the Week"!
ISDNet, Inc. General Questions
Linkline - ISDN Access Services
Lite information om ISDN
Stephen Musgrave -- xDSL Paper
Joy Phelps - Hands-On Internet Workshop Syllabus
ProsperNet - Electrical Engineering - Telecommunications
Shiva - ISDN Web Resources - Primers, FAQs and Guides
David Smith's underachieving home page
Virtual Free Stuff: WebMaster Tools
Tyler Wardhaugh's ISDN page
Shengli Yuan's Home Page
Wei Zhou's Home Page

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