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Wednesday, September 4

Today is Julia's first day of 6th grade, her final year at her Elementary school. It's hard to believe how fast she has grown up.

First Day of 6th Grade

Saturday, September 7

We took Julia in to Boston for blood work today. No results yet.

Test Date Aldolase CK LDH AST ALT vW F8
8/4/01 4.2 90 218 25 12 123
9/1/01 4.6 80 194 24 16 105
10/8/01 3.5 81 197 22 12 123
11/3/01 6.1 120 232 23 14 92
12/15/01 5.1 92 218 22 12 94
1/19/02 5.3 102 198 21 12 193
2/16/02 5.0 202 230 24 11 100
3/16/02 5.5 101 200 21 14 126
4/23/02 5.9 143 466 49 15 115
5/14/02 5.3 86 197 25 20 110
6/29/02 4.0 92 214 27 22 111
7/25/02 4.8 107 232 25 25 103
9/7/02 7.9 99 199 22 15 109
Normal Range: 3.0-16.0 4-150 110-295 10-34 6-30 160

Wednesday, September 11

Today in gym class, Julia slightly sprained her left ankle. That's the same leg that was broken this summer. It's a bit swollen, and causing her some pain, but she can walk on it with little trouble. We gave her some ibuprofen to ease the inflammation and pain, and she was fine with it.

Saturday, September 14

Julia had her second piano recital today! It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day, and the recital was held ourdoors on the steps of the studio where she takes lessons.

There were about a dozen kids playing today, and they all did wonderfully. Julia may have been the most senior of the group, this being her second recital here. Her main piece was Fur Elise, and she played it beautifully.

Julia at the keyboard 1 Julia at the keyboard 2 Julia and John

Tuesday, September 17

Julia did ballet class last night, including toe dancing. Today, she was complaining that her foot, the one she sprained, was hurting her. No doubt! She would sometimes complain about her feet hurting after toe dance before she broke her leg and sprained her ankle! She also had jazz & tap dance class tonight, and that didn't help.

Wednesday, September 18

Julia's ankle was bothering her again tonight, but only after she decided to ply kickball in gym class. She did not take it easy. It's OK when she uses it, but it stiffens up when she rests it. We wrapped it in a heating pad and gave her an ibuprofen, and she had no trouble getting to sleep.

Thursday, September 19

Dr. A.W. emailed us the blood work results from 9.7. Everything is normal! The req results are CK 99, AST 22, ALT 15, Aldolase 7.9, LDH 199, von Willibrand's factor 109, White blood cells 4.4, Hematocrit 37.2, Platelets 391, and Sedimentation Rate 12. Good stuff!

Monday, September 23

Julia's ankle still is giving her grief. During school, it suddenly started to hurt, and Julia had to go to the school nurse for an ice pack. We called her pediatrician's office to set up an appointment, and she will be seen by a doctor. In the meantime, we put the Gel Cast, which is really a brace, from when she broke her leg a couple of months ago, on until she sees the doctor. Also, no dance or gym until we get the doctor's OK.

Wednesday, September 25

I took Julia to see a Dr. M., a pediatrician in out regular family practice. We had never seen him before. He sent us down to X-Ray and they took two shots of Julia's left ankle. I didn't see anything that looked like a break, and the doctor confirmed this. We also went over Julia's history with JDMS, especially the part about her Prednisone use.

He did say that there is still quite a bit of inflammation in the foot that is visible in the X-Rays. He wanted to have his radiologist have a look at it in the morning, and also wanted us to see the same bone specialist who saw Julia this summer, just because this injury was so close to the break in her tibia. He agreed that the brace was a good idea and that Julia should have no dance or gym until the other doctor OK'd it.

Thursday, September 26

The radiologist apparently didn't have any problems with the X-Rays, and Dr. M, the doctor who saw Julia over the summer for her broken leg, agreed. Dr M. said that Julia could take ibuprofen for the inflammation, and wear the brace when she was doing anything risky or strenuous, but she didn't need to wear it all the time. Good news!

Sunday, September 29

It was an absolutely stunning day, and we could not resist going apple picking! Before we started, we picked out a beautiful pumpkin and a few gourds for a basket. They then gave us a half-bushel bag, a picking pole, and sent us orchard-ward. It was great fun, and we ate a bunch of apples as we went. Just a perfect way to spend a beautiful autumn day in New England.

Look at those pumpkins! Julia with our perfect pumpkin Apples!

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